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Our Mission

S-J & Stephen tried lots of team building tactics in their first company.


The Escape Room was fun but things quickly got too competitive and no-one likes a bad winner (S-J! 🙄). They’d prefer to forget the improv and karaoke nights but occasionally still get the odd flashback. And the Slack integration to show gratitude quickly became a chore.

Nothing worked better or was more fun than everyone simply taking the time to really get to know their teammates and what was important to them or just what they were into that week.


It was those moments of connection that enabled them to build a team that liked each other. And also a team that took their company public and got named Apple’s App of the Day. Twice.


No trust falls needed.


Now their mission is to help all teams get stronger by really getting to know each other.


Our Values

Bring your humanity to work

We bring our ideas, mistakes, passions, wins and problems, and we’re stronger as a team for it.

ValuesBreaker 1.png

Make stuff you're proud of

We never just mail it in.

ValuesBreaker 2.png

Work smart

We focus only on what makes a difference and then go home to what’s most important.

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Know our customers

We never forget the teams we are serving and are always thinking of new ways to help them get to know each other.

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Ketchup doesn't go with everything

Take the Ketchup quiz to make sure we're on the same page.

Our Founders


Sarah-Jane Kurtini


Stephen O'Young

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