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Helps teams create the relationships needed to do amazing work

Ketchup is an async team building tool that helps EVERYONE on your hybrid team get to know, understand and support each other. Even when they are working remotely. 

🍅 Ensure nobody is left out
🍅 Support morale & wellbeing
🍅 Boost productivity
🍅 Stop searching for ice-breakers

Ketchup is your hybrid team's secret sauce. 

We couldn't be more excited that things are getting back to normal and in-person events are happening again. But how do you make sure that remote team members and introverts feel included? And that sense of belonging you're trying to build is felt by everyone? 

Without Ketchup Icon.png
No Ketchup

Your remote team doesn't feel included and it's having a bad effect on morale & productivity.

There's nothing happy about Zoom "happy" hour for the introverts on your team.  

Your whole team hasn't met in person and new starters don't understand your team culture. 

You're burnt out trying to drive team culture all by yourself.

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With Ketchup

The whole team feels connected, supported and is collaborating better. 

Everyone finally has a way that they can show who they are and what's important to them.

Team culture is thriving and new starters are building relationships from Day 1.

Every teammate feels ownership of the team culture. 

"Employees who feel a strong sense of belonging perform better and stay longer. They are at 50% lower risk of turnover and have 56% higher performance than employees who feel like they do not belong." BetterUp 

All in one team culture building platform

Ketchup helps build a winning team culture by giving everyone a quick and easy way to connect, understand and learn. 

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Get to know each other better by answering daily questions designed to show who you are, how you're feeling, how you like to work and what you're into and up to. 

Through interacting with each other's answers, you'll be growing a culture of trust and psychological safety.



Bring out the best in each other by getting a better understanding of everyone's strengths and the team balance.

Ketchup helps everyone zoom out to get insights on their team's mix of skills. They'll understand how best to work together, support and appreciate each other. 



Team building efforts won't get lost in messaging apps. Answers to questions build a Ketchup profile that becomes an operating manual for every team member. 

New starters have an easy way to get to know existing team members and quickly feel comfortable asking for help when they need it. 



We've curated inspiring team building resources and serve them up as bite-sized tips.


It's like having your own team-building coach at your fingertips, guiding your team every step of the way and helping everyone appreciate the power of strong team relationships.

100% Asynchronous

Your team can take part at their own pace and comfort level. Ketchup makes it fun for both introverts and extroverts to build relationships. Without needing to find a "convenient" time to connect. 

In a different timezone


In the office

At home

None of the Awkward

It takes far less time than a "happy" hour to level up your team, all without making everyone die a little on the inside. Ketchup is team building for humans. 


Don't stop at surveys

Surveys only check your team's pulse and MEASURE peer to peer relationships.


Now you need a way to show your team how much you care and give them an easy way to BUILD healthy relationships. 

I didn't think there was anything that would help my introverted remote team open up. But I'm amazed at how quickly they took to Ketchup. I guess everyone is just waiting for a way to share what's important to them and they hadn't had an opportunity before. 


Data & Analytics Team Lead, NYC

5 minutes on the Ketchup app with my coffee has become my favourite way to start the work day. It helps me get in the right headspace and I love how many conversations it opens up during the day. We don't talk about the weather in stand ups any more. We talk about what we learnt about each other in Ketchup. 


Director of Operations, 

Tyler Technologies

Create team building opportunities on your team's terms 

We know you don't want to overload your busy team with another platform. And they don't want to end the week  in a Zoom "happy" hour. 


That's why we made Ketchup fun, flexible and five minutes. And we built an app to give your team options for how they want to participate.

Ketchup doesn't go with everything.

Teams who want to create a culture of belonging and celebrate each other's differences are hot dogs. 

Ketchup brings out the best in hot dogs and makes them taste even better. 


But even Ketchup can't make a toxic team taste good.


Take our short quiz to make sure your team goes with Ketchup...

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