Human connection is the secret sauce that sparks high performance & lower turnover

Ketchup is an asynchronous team building system for remote and hybrid teams. It's always there for your team - nurturing meaningful connection, wellbeing and collaboration. 

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Strong teams are built on strong relationships

Now, more than ever, investing in relationships isn't a "nice to have". 
"Employees who feel a strong sense of belonging perform better and stay longer. They are at 50% lower risk of turnover and have 56% higher performance than employees who feel like they do not belong." BetterUp 
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No Ketchup

Your team doesn't feel cohesive and it's harder than it should be to get things done. 

Leaders are burnt out trying to drive team culture all by themselves.

Your whole team hasn't met in person and new starters don't understand your team culture. 

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With Ketchup

The whole team feels understood, supported and is collaborating better. 

Every team member is finding new ways to nurture a sense of team belonging. 

Team culture is thriving and new starters are building relationships from Day 1.

Join the team building platform where everyone feels like they belong. 

When your team is feeling disconnected, everything is harder. But it's exhausting to keep finding ways to keep the team culture you love alive. And impossible to find something that fits into everyone's working hours (while not making introverts recoil in horror!)
Impossible until now...

How Ketchup works

Ketchup asks questions about wellbeing , homelife and work that spark meaningful conversations.

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Your answers build an always up to date profile that shows who you are and how you like to work.

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Answers are also displayed on the team dashboard which shows the mix of skills and attitudes.

You know successful relationships need work. 

And we know your team is busy and you don't want to overload them with another thing to do. 

That's why we made Ketchup fun, easy and respectful of  your team's precious time. Adding a daily splash of Ketchup levels up your team in just 5 minutes and gives you all this...


Thoughtful Questions

You'll get to answer questions designed to show who you are, how you like to work and what you're into and up to. 

Your team will see the answers and be able to discuss them in a safe space. 


Team Mix Dashboard

How can you bring out the best in your team if you don't understand everyone's strengths and the team balance?

Ketchup helps everyone zoom out to get insights on their team's mix of skills. They'll understand how best to work together, support and appreciate each other. 


Team User Manuals 

Team building efforts won't get lost in messaging apps.


Answers to questions build a Ketchup profile that grows over time. Profiles become an up-to-date user manual for every team member.


Teamwork Tips

We've curated inspiring team building resources and serve them up as bite-sized tips.


It's like having your own team-building coach at your fingertips, guiding you every step of the way. 

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100% Asynchronous

Your team can take part at their own pace and comfort level. Ketchup makes it fun for both introverts and extroverts to build relationships. Without needing to find a "convenient" time to connect. 

In a different timezone


At home

In the office


None of the Awkward

It takes far less time than a "happy" hour to level up your team, all without making everyone die a little on the inside. Ketchup is team building for humans. 


Teams all over the world are disovering their special sauce

It's a simple way to build an interesting profile of yourself for colleagues to see and learn from.


Senior Product Manager

Keeps you engaged personally with your team which allows for natural progression of relationship building.


Project Manager

I like how I can learn about people's lives and backgrounds but withough needing to be in the same physical space. It's like forcing yourself to have accidental interactions. 


Team Lead

Quick and easy way to get to know my team better on a level I wouldn't reach during a quick meetings.


Senior Product Analyst

Ketchup doesn't go with everything.

Teams who want to create a culture of belonging and celebrate each other's differences are hot dogs. 

Ketchup brings out the best in hot dogs and makes them taste even better. 


But even Ketchup can't make a toxic team taste good.


Take our short quiz to make sure your team goes with Ketchup...

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